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Why Host a Miner?

Move the excess heat and noise out of your home and into our secure facility complete with three-phase power, internet, and filtered ambient cooling system.

Why Build A Miner?

We use reputable components to build GPU mining rigs in an open and boxed style that arrive at your door fully tested and ready to go. (Or send them direct to our hosting site).

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The Latest Technology

An application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) is a sort of circuit that is purpose-built for a single task. ASIC miners are devices that utilize microprocessors only for the purpose of “mining” digital money. By and large, each ASIC miner is designed to mine a single digital currency. As a result, a bitcoin ASIC miner can only mine bitcoin. One way to conceive about bitcoin ASICs is as highly efficient bitcoin mining machines, or “bitcoin generators.”

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Miner's Available

View the different mining rig’s that we support for sales and service.

Coins Used

Discover the different coin’s mined and what they mean

How To Decide?

Mining or hosting – which is best for You? View and Decide!

Why People Trust Us

With over 300+ GPU’s under management, we have the knowledge to enable your passive income generation with our state of the art facility.


State of the Art miners and systems allow us to product, on a regular basis - daily! - for you

Tried and Tested

WE've been doing this for quite osme time now, with over 300+ GPU's processing

Precise Results

Once your miner's up and running you'll know Exactly what to expect with our live results

Quality Process

Hospital grade filtration, live and patrolled security, 24/7/365 monitoring = we have you covered

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