About Us

Host-A-Miner is the byproduct of building my own mine in my basement. I was making money, but my girlfriend was very frustrated with the heat and noise. I also felt that I could do better with a commercial electrical contract rather than residential. This was proved in spades when I received my first electric bill with the summer surcharges plus the extra cost of my air conditioning tring to offset the heat of the miners. I met some guys in Vancouver who had converted a shipping container to a mining room. After some negotiation, I bought the whole lot. Container, miners and all and relocated to rural Missouri. After getting organized and moving the miners out of my house, I thought I could make use of the extra space in the mine to help others achieve the same result: scalable infrastructure without the big up-front investment.




GPU Cards

Why Choose Us

We offer a professionally managed mining farm that will help you scale your business. Miners can be added as you grow, and pricing is transparent.

Clean Power

We have a commercial contract in an industrial zone with power directly from the utility pole. We offer three phase 208v power with plenty of amps to spare.

Lab Grade

We utilize hospital-grade filters for incoming air and two 11,000 CFM fans to move air quickly around all the miners. Even cooling throughout the mine.


We have a 24/7 monitored security system and we are well known by the local Sheriff's department (IN A GOOD WAY!!). The shipping container is steel, and we have a privacy fence and have done our best to looks like absolutely nothing on the side of the road.


When you bring us your miners, we will help you succeed. We can help set up a monitoring system, install upgraded firmware and do minor repairs. Major repairs can be handled either on an hourly rate or we can send your miner back to you.

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