Host A Miner

You are an established miner.

A select few people live with high voltage power, high speed internet, extra rooms or a warehouse, and a way to keep all the heat and noise from disrupting their lives. If that’s you, stop reading. I can’t really help you. But, if you are like the rest of us:

Happy miners need three things: power, internet, and temperature control. We offer all three at our facility. We have 208 volt three-phase power direct from the utility. We have a high speed internet connection with AT&T. We have two 11,000 CFM fans circulating filtered air throughout the room. The building is grounded.

The preferred monitoring system is Hive OS, but we can work with others.

Charges for hosting are 100% variable: 15% of revenue earned and electricity at cost.

[Add calculator to input revenue and watts]